Here Are The Best Cheap Gyms In Chicago

Are you looking for cheap gyms in Chicago? If so, you’re in luck because there are many affordable gyms in Chicago. Below are a few cheap gyms you may be interested in checking out.

Lakeview Athletic Club – This gym is open for business seven days a week and it is massive, as it is 47,000 square-feet. There are plenty of weight training equipment and quality cardio equipment can be found there too. Not only that, but a huge indoor climbing wall and bouldering cave is there.

Another reason why you should join the Lakeview Athletic Club is there are dozens of group exercise classes that take place there and on the rooftop, there is a pool. There’s also an indoor pool, sauna, Jacuzzi and steam rooms on location. If that wasn’t impressive enough, the gym has a luxury locker room and wireless internet is available. When it comes to affordable gyms in Chicago, Lakeview Athletic Club is one of the best ones.

Planet Fitness – Perhaps one of the cheapest gyms in the city is Planet Fitness, which has locations across the country. One of the best things about Planet Fitness is it is open 24/7, but they may have different hours on holidays. This Planet Fitness location has everything you need in order to get into shape and you can also go tanning. You can also meet people to discuss diets such as the Half Day Diet for busy people. If you’re looking for a great gym to join, then consider Planet Fitness on E. Illinois Street.

Xsport Fitness – This gym is located on W. North Avenue and it has strength training equipment, cardio equipment, which includes bikes, treadmills, elliptical machines and more. As for amenities, you will find a basketball court there, as well as a pool, rock climbing wall, a hot tub, steam room and saunas, as well as a child’s play area that is supervised. If you want to receive an exercise program with personal training, then go right ahead because it is offered at Xsport Fitness. When it comes to state-of-the-art gyms, Xsport Fitness is one of the most impressive ones around.

World Gym Fitness Center – World Gym Fitness Center has a number of locations throughout Chicago and they are a very affordable gym and you get a lot for your money when you join with them. When you join World Gym, you’ll have access to some of the best cardio equipment out there and there are plenty of free weights to choose from and you can take part in aerobic classes. There are qualified fitness instructors who work there and a nutrition center, as well as tanning rooms. Sure, there are many great gyms in Chicago, but one of the best ones to join is the World Gym Fitness Center, so make sure you check it out to find out whether or not it is the right gym for you.

If you’ve visited these gyms before and haven’t found the right one, then you can consider another option. You can workout at home using simple equipment or a home gym if you have the time to assemble one. There are plenty of workout routines you can do at home, like the F4X program, to exercise with comfort. In fact, there are people who would rather workout at home than go to a gym.

Keep in mind that the above gyms may be affordable, but they are all good places to train. You can’t go wrong with any of them. All you have to do now is decide which gym you want to join.…

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Finding The Best Places To Run In Chicago

The sport of running and the city of Chicago are intertwined and seem like they will forever be. The city is host to the world-renowned marathon Chicago Marathon that attracts participants from all over the world. Every weekend, the city host running events, such as 5 kilometers and 10-kilometer races. If running is your passion, Chicago is the place to live. Aside from pure running, Chicago is host to the largest triathlon event in the U.S, which speaks a lot about the sporting culture in this city.


However, the attraction of running is not only about the races that you can engage in, while in Chicago. For those who take a little less competitive attitude towards running, you are also spoilt for choice in as far as running for fun is concerned.


The Best Way To Choose A Running Route


The attraction of running in this city stems from the huge amount of long routes that one can stretch their legs without running into vehicles. This makes running very safe and ultimately, very fun.


However, with all the choices available, choosing places to run in Chicago can be very difficult, to say the least. Herein is a guide on how to choose running routes that are not only interesting but also challenge your body.


1. Establishing your running needs


The very first things you need to take into account are your running needs. With this in mind, you need to establish elements such as the running length, the gradient choice or in other words the challenge of running and finally your sceneries choices/needs.


Sceneries may not seem to have a huge bearing on your overall choice of route but it’s important to establish them anyway. At the very least, the scenery on which you run in can help to create a relaxing atmosphere for you which is a very important part of running.


2. Sampling the various places to run in Chicago


After establishing your needs, you need to develop prospective running routes. There are tremendous ways to go about doing this. Among such ways is using Google Maps. You can also choose to use running blogs.


Owing to the love Chicago has for running, there are many running sites. Many of these blogs have reviews of the different routes you can take along with the level of challenge and level of fitness required to run along such routes.


Having acquainted yourself with the various routes, you need to correlate then to the level of challenge you want, and your level of fitness. You can learn about your fitness system. This will yield a narrowed down list of possible running routes and places.


After that, you need to sample the various routes in your shortlist. Although routes and places may have reviews, the best way to learn about them is to run on them. Sampling the routes one at a time will help you do exactly this.


Examples of running routes


Some of the best running routes include The 606, the Lakefront Trail, Washington Park, Palos Trail System, the Des Plaines River Trail and the stretch running from L. Michigan to Hollywood Avenue.


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